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SASEE 2023 Conference

As we emerge from the global disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic and continue our journey into the 4th industrial revolution, it is critical that we establish and maintain a balanced and sustainable connection between humanity and technology. During Covid, we learned how critical interpersonal relationships and connections are to well-being and productive learning. We need to keep on interrogating our educational approaches in order to create healthy, sustainable learning environments that meet the needs of the future of engineering education.

We are engaging with and relying more heavily on digital technologies in education and practice: AI, smart systems, data and digital twins, to name a few. Our task as educators is to train engineers, technicians and technologists who understand the related risks and our ethical responsibility to society and humanityto prepare future engineering professionals who can design and implement sustainable solutions for a more harmonious existence of all humans with nature. It is critical that the students who graduate from our engineering programmes have agency and purpose in the world, that they are equipped to address the needs of society for the sustainable existence of equitable life on earth.


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