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Categories of Membership

A candidate for election to any grade of membership shall be engaged in an activity and possess scientific knowledge or practical experience which qualifies the candidate to cooperate with educators and engineers in the advancement of engineering education knowledge and practice.

  • Members shall have the privileges of representing themselves as Members and of wearing the emblem of membership, shall also have the privileges of nominating and voting for officers and the privileges that are common to all classes of membership. They shall also have the privileges of holding office and of voting on amendments to this Constitution.
  • Honorary members can be appointed upon the proposal of the Board and approval at the Biennial General Meeting (BGM).
  • Corporate membership will be for organizations.
  • Institutional membership will be for educational institutions.
Eligibility for Membership, Application and Selection
  • The Board decides on the admittance of members.
  • Any eligible person shall become a member of the Society on payment to the Society of the appropriate membership fee, the amount of which shall be determined by the BGM on recommendation of the Board.
  • An applicant shall subscribe to the Constitution of the Society and to its Code of Ethics upon acceptance of membership.
Termination of membership
  • The membership expires when a member resigns of his/her own free will. Notification to the Board is necessary to leave the Society, one month before the cycle of the current year at the latest.
  • The Society may suspend, take disciplinary action or terminate a member’s membership. The exclusion of a member occurs when:
    • a member’s behaviour disrupts the mutual agreement, and acts in opposition to the statutes as well as to the resolutions passed at the BGM,
    • a member disregards the interests of the Society and when the goals and reputation of the Society get damaged because of the member’s action,
    • a member has been behind schedule with the payment of the membership fee for two years, or
    • a member is removed from an office of trust by a court of law or is convicted of an offence for which the sentence is imprisonment without the option of a fine.
Rights and duties of members
  • Full members have the right to participate in the biennial general meetings with the right to vote.
  • Members have the right to bring in proposals to assign to the Board.
  • All members are obliged to respect the laws and bylaws of the Society, and to handle their goals to the best of their ability.
  • The members are committed to the payment of a membership fee which is payable by the end of the current year.
  • The Society’s financial year corresponds to the calendar year. New members that join after 1 July pay half of the yearly fee for the ongoing association year.

Please note, all memberships are valid for a two year period, from conference to conference. Fees are not calculated prorata.

Individual SA Applicants: R600

Individual Non-SA Citizens: R1 000

Corporate: R2 500

Institutional: R10 000 (for two years)

(Includes 4 nominated individual memberships)

Have Questions?

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