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About Us


Engineering education is the activity of teaching and learning engineering and technology, at school, college and university levels. The goal of engineering education is to prepare people to practice engineering as a profession, to spread technological literacy, and to increase student interest in technical careers through science and math education and hands-on learning.


  • exercising leadership in the field of engineering education in South Africa and beyond,
  • promoting excellence in teaching and learning, research, engagement at universities and practice in the world of work,
  • fostering the public understanding of technology in South Africa, and
  • providing regular forums for discussion for sharing, networking and disseminating engineering education information.


SASEE brings together people in South Africa and beyond who have an interest in engineering education which include engineering academics and educators at higher and further education institutions, academics from other disciplines who teach engineering students, engineering professional support staff, engineering librarians, professional engineers, certified engineers, engineering technologists, engineering technicians and industry.

The objectives of SASEE are to:

  • Advance engineering education in theory and in practice, and to promote research in the field of engineering education,
  • Encourage local, national and international collaboration through hosting forums in the field of engineering education,
  • promote strategies to improve success rate of engineering students,
  • promote the development of engineering curricula in South Africa by aligning them with national needs and international trends,
  • promote the development and use of new teaching methodologies and measurement of teaching effectiveness,
  • promote cooperation with the Engineering Council of South Africa and professional engineering related societies in South Africa,
  • promote the development of a database on all aspects of engineering education within South Africa, and
  • promote the understanding of technology in society as the application of knowledge, design, and production in the development and use of objects, systems, and processes to satisfy societal needs.
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